Madeira Park and Breakfast is Pet Friendly:

An extra "person" charge of $25 per pet will also be applicable to your pet to offset any extra cleaning and associated costs. All reservations made with pets included are payable on-site. A $150 pre-authorization will be obtained on your credit card at check-in which we will release upon confirmation at check-out that your pet has not been on the bed, furniture, towels, or blankets.

- pets are not permitted on the beds, blankets, towels, or furniture;

- bring your own pet bed/crate/etc.

- pets are not to be left in the house unattended or;

- brought into the dining area (unless discussed with B&B)

You agree to be responsible for any damage done by your pet.

Please do not hesitate to call us +1 (604) 883-2416 and discuss your pet to ensure all your expectations are met.